Hello from BAB, phd!

Welcome – I’m Brandy A. Brown. Currently I’m an Assistant Professor and Program Director of Organizational Leadership who loves 90% of her job 90% of the time.  I do research and applied work on Industrial-Organizational Psychology topics, specifically around Cultural Intelligence. I-O has improved my life, and I really want it to do the same for everyone. I like to share potentially useful things, sometimes that includes my thoughts and opinions, more often it includes things I had to figure out for myself that I’m sharing on the off-chance it will save someone else some time and effort.

 The Fine Print :
Contents may be opinionated, alliterated, or even (gasp!) grandiloquent. The opinions expressed here are in no way endorsed by the people, organizations or institutions I am affiliated with. Content may go out of style over time – but it will be 99.9% honest when it is written (alpha = .01). Actions taken from the hyperlinks on this site may yield commissions to the site owner (the pets have to be fed somehow). I may even make attempts at humor (sorry in advance).